Immersive Environment

Fishing Town

Earlier this year we created an experiential immersive project focusing on medical conditions. This particular example was created for dementia sufferers exploring how an interactive experience could evoke emotions and connections with the audience whose mental abilities have been compromised by this progressive brain condition.

After the blocking out phase we populated the map with high poly photogrammetry generated models from Sketchfab whilst constantly keeping an eye on the FPS counter which never went below 60fps.

Although the project itself was created for real-time projection mapping in mind, using nDisplay, because of COVID we had no computer on-site that was capable of dealing with such a complex task therefore we had to find a way of playing the scene on an “office computer”.

In the end, we just created the necessary config file, screen captured the immersive scene in 60Hz 4k and mapped this recorded 2D clip with Resolume Arena.