Downloadable Assets

Sometimes we need to visualise a scene/build an immersive environment in a very short time so modelling and texturing might not be the fastest way to share our vision. Recently we pushed Unreal to way beyond the point that we used to feel comfortable with and realised what a powerful engine it is, especially when it comes to vertex numbers.

A few years ago we wouldn't even dare to dream about using half a million vertices PER model but now there is no such limit.

Unreal displays dozens of photogrammetry generated, not-even-decimated models like a champ...realtime.

We are really happy with these results, the generated mesh/textures are surprisingly good and the whole process from importing the images to exporting the animation was really smooth and streamlined.

Of course, it’s not an optimised process but sometimes you need to be “fast and dirty”

Ever since we realised this,Sketchfab is no longer just a place of beauty and inspiration but a very viable 3D model repository as well.