Adidas, Paris, France

Adidas European Flagship


Technology Design & Bespoke Development


9 Months




The client 


Adidas is is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world, after Nike. Based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, as an iconic brand it designs and manufactures world renowned sporting & fashion clothing and accessories.


the brief 

Develop two new sports focused engagement zones

Recursive were asked to design and develop two new sports focused engagement zones for installation within a new breed Adidas of flagship stores. The two zones were to be focused on Football and Basketball, two sports which are a key focus for the brand across the globe. The zones needed to combine physical sporting challenges with digital engagement to automate and enhance the experience. Each users experience also needed to be captured in real time using multiple camera angles which would sense the exact time to take the best possible picture and from the best possible camera angle without any human intervention.  



The challenge 

The experiences needed to be entirely autonomous

The development was run as an iterative process designed to test and develop each element of the experience before bringing them all together into the overall end to end experience. To achieve this, the Recursive team staged a series of physical mock-ups within Herzo in Germany in order to test and define the performance of the hardware against the needs of the software. At each stage the work was put in front of the global brand ambassadors for testing and feedback, the output of which informed our next stage of development. As the experiences needed to be entirely autonomous from the user’s perspective, this process took many months of user testing. A wide range of hardware, sensors and cameras were tested to ensure the best possible images would be captured from the experience. Images are processed in real time with digital photographic filters and embossed with the Adidas Logo. The 9 best images are automatically selected and presented to the user on a touchscreen at the end of the experience, allowing the user to scroll through and select their favourite 3 moments. These are then automatically emailed directly to them. A digital scoreboard on the outside of each experience allows customers to view their scores from the games in real time driving competition amongst players to be at the top of the leaderboard.  



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