Portswigger, Knutsford, UK



Acoustic Consultancy


12 Months




The client 


PortSwigger is a global leader in cybersecurity, providng solutions to web application security strategy that enahance productivity, agility and reliability.


The brief 

Provide a clear guide to the acoustic requirements

Recursive were appointed to review the internal architecture and interior fit out, carrying out detailed acoustic analysis to provide a workable design for the internal acoustics of this brand new open plan office. This involved analysing the construction of all partitions and the design and speecificatio of multiple acoustic panels and absorbers across the space in a zoned format, which would allow the creation of separate acoustic areas with different properties based on the work activities taking place in each zone.



The challenge 

Interaction between teams

The design consisted of an open plan space with a series of work pods which were split into a number of types with some fully open some semi open and some fully closed. These pods were laid out across the floor based on the team’s workflow. There was also an open atrium, a meeting space alongside a communial kitchen. The client very much wanted to achieve an open plan approach to ensure a sense of community and to encourage conversation and interaction between teams. At the same time however, each team had to have a controlled area in which they could concentrate on their specific tasks. This required a careful balance of acoustic treatments in order to achieve the correct acoustic zoning. Our acoustic analysis and design approach fed into the interior layout in order to solve these challenges.



The Outcome 

A vibrant, but focused working space

Our specification for the partitions, glazing types, doors, seals, and floating acoustic panels, alongside the unique desk partitioning system ensured the desired interior layout functions both visually but also acoustically, delivering the correct balance of privacy and sense of community, making this a lively and vibrant working space, but with quiet space for productivity.