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Adidas Test & Create

With cutting edge tech and customer engagement. Recursive created two immersive sports games using a combination of the physical and the virtual.

Recursive were approached by Green Room Design to help develop two unique sports experiences for Adidas. Deployed at both their flagship store in Paris, and their headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

For this project, we were asked to provide an end-to-end solution, from AV consultancy through to hardware design and software development of the interactives.

Recursive were responsible for developing and designing infrastructure and system designs for both the basketball and football experience zones. Each required a number of depth sensing cameras for ball and person tracking in the experience, three digital cameras to capture the action, flat panel displays showing the leaderboard, touch panels for users to initiate the game and projection for the basketball experience.

The Recursive team developed custom code to run each experience, requiring complex tracking modules for players and the ball using data sent from depth sensing cameras. A dedicated depth sensing camera was used to detect hoop’s scored in basketball and bespoke code was developed to interface with the Sutu Wall, normally a stand alone solution, in the football experience.

A number of additional targets were provided in the basketball experience and an Arduino was used to light targets and detect hits, all controlled via our bespoke code.

Using a combination of depth sensors and industrial machine vision cameras, a complex photo system was developed. This system is used when the player strikes the ball, to automatically choose the best camera in which to take a photo. The photos taken are then automatically treated and branded for the player to take away via email.