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Bose Flagship Store Global Rollout

Design and development of a new experiential Bose flagship store concept rolled out in London, the UAE and the USA.

Creating the latest in store technology for Bose required the design of interactive opportunities to immerse customers in the very latest innovations and the opportunity to experience and engage in sound in a way they never have before. Working in partnership with Green Room, the Recursive team developed a new digital concept for a global role out of immersive stores for the iconic audio brand Bose. Featuring Augmented Reality (AR) facial tracking, and projection based depth sensing touch tables, the design sets a new standard for the retail experience.

The brief set was to present the Bose product to customers in a way which allowed them to touch, feel and experience the physical elements of it, whilst at the same time digitally feeding them key information to support their buying decisions. It was important that this information was presented in a way that was engaging and playful and also driven and controlled by the customer.

We provided core design services to define the Audio, Visual,  IT and Control systems across the store working through RIBA stages 1 through 4. The technical design of the store, which we provided, covered AR and facial recognition, depth sensing, motion tracking, interactive projection and product interaction and integration in a way which has never before been done.

In addition, the Recursive development team provided bespoke software services, working closely with Green Room’s design team to take their graphical visions and bring them to life. We also built the unique discovery touch table and connected home experiences in house for Bose.

Along with the front-end visual applications, additional software was developed to detect sensitive touches on a surface for the discovery table. We also created software to wirelessly communicate with Bose products for the connected home experience.