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The Institute of Physics Interactive Screen

Design and development of a unique multitouch wall in the foyer of The Institute of Physics.

As well as providing AV design services for the Institute of Physics, Recursive were also commissioned to develop an innovative interactive media experience for the large video wall in the foyer.

Working closely with staff and scientists, we developed the concept of a space-time grid effect. Visitors take the place of black holes, their ‘gravitational pull’ distorting the grid around their eye level. Once a visitor is close enough to the screen, images are displayed within the distorted grid and their content journey begins. Transitioning from big, motion-sensing graphic to discrete, personal touch screen for visitors to make content choices from.

Visitors are able to scroll through their own ‘personal window’ of content in a deliberately unstructured way. Designed to give them feel of an endless amount of content items to explore. Upon selecting an item from the grid, visitors are given more information in the form of images, text and video. Designed to be a deliberately minimal graphical solution, most of the interest resides in the nuance of the visitors interaction with the screen and the physics based content available.

Along with a custom content management system developed specifically for the interactive, a customised version of our in-house object tracking system was used to track people in front of the screen.