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London 2012

Audio and Acoustic Design and Project Management for the Olympic Park.

The London 2012 Olympic Park successfully hosted the London 2012 Olympic Games. The park contains a network and zoned sound system covering all public areas. The system has provided soundscaping, background music and pre-recorded and live messages into areas of the park. It has facilitated the Opening Ceremony and 250,000 visitors daily during the games. Members of the Recursive team provided design, coordination, specification, installation management and commissioning of the system with all relative stakeholders.

David Yates lead the team that was appointed to review the PA designs proposed for the public areas of the Olympic park snd specifically the Velodrome. After carrying an in depth study of the proposed systems it was clear that the proposed solutions were not workable and would require modification. David undertook a complete assessment and necessary redesign of the audio systems and oversaw it’s implementation and installation ahead of the opening ceremony.