Experimental Lab

As with all great labs we use this space to share ideas, our experiments and just some of the things we are currently working on…


Meshroom Experiment


Cesium Plugin


Avatar Makeup

Lighting Design

Fenchurch Street

Resolume Arena


Unreal Loop

Animated Takeaway

Blender to Unreal

Amazing workflow

Immersive Sunrise

nDisplay Screen Recording

Meet the team

Recursive Digitals

Photogrammetry experiment

Agistoft's Metashape

Digital Avatar

Mixamo Animation

3D Avatar

Outfit Update!


Downloadable assets

Recursive ident

Lighthouse fresnel lens

Interior Render

Meeting room exploration

Immersive Environment

Fishing town

Unreal Fur

Realtime hair rendering

Photogrammetry Comparison

Metashape vs Meshroom

Interior Scene

From outside