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We help you create and deliver real world solutions and experiences to tell your story, support your organisational aims and connect you with your internal and external audience.

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We design technology solutions using audio, video, lighting, content and software development to transform spaces for brands, venues, and people. We do this by utilising:

AV Design

As a team we have been designing AV systems for over 20 years around the World. We work as part of a wider design team, or direct to client, creating and deploying audiovisual solutions and managing the tender and procurement stages. We also undertake commissioning and witness testing and sign off on behalf of the client team.

AV/IT System Design

Needs Analysis, Strategy and Budgeting

Bespoke Solutions Including Prototyping

Commisioning and Problem Solving

Expert Witness

Audio & Acoustics

We are audio and acoustics specialists, covering everything from audio design solutions for corporate buildings, retail environments, and entertainment spaces, through to architectural acoustics and noise & vibration control.

Audio Design

Acoustic Specifications

Problem Solving

Bespoke Solutions


We provide the full cycle of services for lighting based applications, covering everything from building wide architectural lighting schemes, through to theatre and event based lighting and lighting control systems.


Strategy & Budgeting




We provide content development, storyboarding, editing, filming and Motion Graphics. We work with Unreal, Unity, Cinema4D alongside specialist AR and VR applications.


Digital Content Creation

Motion Graphics


AR, VR and App Development

Projection Mapping

Software Development

We develop bespoke software solutions to compliment and bring together hardware design and content creation. We use Touchdesigner, Python, Javascript, alongside Unreal and Unity.

Sofware Development

Interactive Experiences

Tracking & Detection

Experiential Retail

Mobile Based Apps

Our team

As a result of delivering incredible results for customers worldwide, our team has some amazing experience under their belts.

David Yates 


Richard Smith


Paul Marshall

Associate Director

George Roboz

Content Production Manager

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