The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, UK

Savoy Place


Technology Consultancy for AV/IT


18 Months




The client 

The Institution of Engineering & Technology

The Institute of Engineering and Technology, IET, formed in 1871, was established to help engineer a better world by guiding and nurturing professionals worldwide and representing them in matters of public concern. Savoy Place is the IETs London HQ sat on the bank of the Thames and has undergone a major £30 Million refit with AV & IT being at the forefront. Recursive were selected to design, consult and project lead the AV, multimedia technology and infrastructure elements on both stages of the refurbishment works.


The brief 

A considerate view to keep the heritage and historic beauty intact.

Before the £30 million refurbishment works commenced, the building consisted of 2 auditoriums, 4 floors, a library and several tired workspace meeting areas. The objective was to modernise the building, technology and workspace with a considerate view to keep the heritage and historic beauty intact.


The challenge 

Integrated with informative tech applications and digital enablers.

The Recursive team provided a range of professional services including the design, specification and installation support for extensive audiovisual, multimedia, electroacoustic and IT systems, including two modern lecture theatres, enlarged Riverside room, roof terrace, multiple meeting rooms, two boardrooms and a members floor. Phase one involved the conceptualisation design of how the building space would be utilised, modernised and integrated with informative tech applications and digital enablers. Phase two included the construction administration and support over the installation of extensive audiovisual, multimedia, electroacoustic and IT systems. Recursive led the three-year project design, installation and construction management which supported The IET in collecting the prestigious London Venue Award for Best Refurbished Venue.



The Outcome 

Internal and external events have more than doubled to around 2,000 annually.

The result has surpassed expectations. Prior to renovation around 7,500 members and their guests used the building each year. This has now shot up to 35,000. Internal and external events have more than doubled to around 2,000 annually with 80,000 delegates, bringing in external income in excess of £5 million. Revenue per delegate has climbed due to the offer of better facilities, services and catering and down to the quality and flexibility of what the building can now offer.





"During a two-year closure Savoy Place underwent a comprehensive refurbishment from top to bottom, it was one heck of a project. We worked with technology design consultancy firm Recursive to provide a range of services including design, specification and installation support for the buildings extensive audio-visual, multimedia, electro-acoustic and IT systems. Recursive’s approach to Savoy Place was designed to connect and engage visitors from the moment they book their event to the minute they walk through the front door, even after they’ve left the venue.


With a long and varied history, we used the re-build to recognise the IET’s past, while shining a light on the present and future of engineering with the installation of digital exhibits. Recursive worked with our exhibits team to integrate these impressive pieces into the building infrastructure and ensure they could be easily branded for client events. These included a ‘100 engineering ideas that changed the world’ wall, video walls and a digital chandelier in the reception.


In addition to the digital investments, two brand new auditoriums, a second lecture theatre, enlarged riverside suite, state of the art boardrooms and roof terrace were also fitted. Since reopening, Savoy Place continues to welcome clients from all industries including gaming, telecommunication, construction, law, publishing, societies and institutions. In this relatively short period we’ve also seen a significant rise in enquiries from fashion companies, creative agencies and, following the addition of the roof terrace, TV production companies who have flocked to the venue for outdoor broadcasts to take advantage of our panoramic backdrops of London.


Savoy Place was redesigned to make events more engaging and accessible; blending the old with the new, and connecting delegates, whether in attendance or following from afar. This, along with the combination of cutting edge facilities, superior connectivity, accessibility and inspiring views of the City has seen Savoy Place recognised as one of the finest event venues in London."

Sean Spencer - Head of Venues, IET



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